Clinical Department

Dr. Deema Lana Sihweil
Clinical Psychologist and Director of Clinical Services

Dr. Deema Lana Sihweil is of Middle Eastern origin and has lived in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. She joined the Human Relations Institute & Clinics in September 2007, where she offers psychotherapy services to children, adolescents and adults.

Dr. Sihweil is the Director of Clinical Services at HRI&C and provides supervision to the clinical staff and supports the administration in all major clinical duties.

Dr. Sihweil has extensive experience and strong interests in working with people from various cultures who suffer from trauma, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders, learning disorders and more. Dr. Sihweil provides psychotherapy and/or psych-educational assessment to individuals, couples and families, and consults with medical or psychology professionals in the wider Middle-East region.

Dr. Sihweil graduated from George Washington University’s Doctor of Clinical Psychology program in Washington D.C., where she obtained clinical training in psychodynamic therapies. Dr. Sihweil then completed her internship at The Catholic University of America’s Counseling Center (Washington, D.C.), where she acquired supervised experience in cognitive behavioral therapies. Dr. Sihweil then pursued two years of post-doctoral work at Georgetown University’s Counseling and Psychiatry Services (Washington, D.C)., and at George Washington University’s Clinical Psychology Program and Community Mental Health Center Clinic. During her post-doctoral experiences, she continued to provide psychotherapy services, managed major administrative and clinical duties and supervised post-doctoral students. At the same time, Dr. Sihweil started her private practice in psychology and also consulted with students with learning differences from area schools and universities.

Prior to earning her Doctorate of Psychology, Dr. Sihweil obtained her Master’s Degree in Special Education, at The American University. She taught at the Lab School of Washington D. C., an internationally recognized special education school for students with learning differences